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Imagine having the ultimate research assistant at your fingertips, sifting through all the content in your PDFs to bring you the answers you need. That’s Saylient AI for you!



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Saylient AI is an AI-driven platform that lets you upload PDFs, converse directly with the content, and effortlessly retrieve answers from your documents.

Instant Answers

Upload your PDFs and instantly get relevant answers to your questions.

Text Summarization

Get concise summaries of lengthy PDF documents in seconds.

Secure Storage

Your uploaded documents are encrypted and stored securely.

User-Friendly Chat

Interact with the AI via a simple chat interface for easy navigation.

Chat History

Easily revisit past chats and corresponding answers.


Enjoy a seamless experience across desktops and mobile devices

Saylient AI is built for researchers, students, and professionals looking to effortlessly navigate and extract insights from PDF documents.

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“ Our vision is to make Saylient AI the go-to research assistant for instantly getting answers and insights from documents. “
Manish Sahajwani
Founder - Saylient AI

Use Cases

Saylient AI transforms your interaction with PDFs. Upload documents, ask questions, and get instant answers or insights. Ideal for researchers, professionals, and learners.

Academic ResearchFind specific data or theories within dense research papers without manual scanning.
Legal WorkQuickly locate clauses or legal definitions across multiple PDFs for case preparation.
Financial AnalysisExtract key metrics and trends from annual reports, saving time in financial assessments.
Educational LearningStudents can find relevant information for essays and assignments without sifting through entire textbooks.
Technical ManualsTechnical Manuals: Engineers and technicians can easily find relevant sections in complex instruction manuals.
Market ResearchEfficiently summarize market trends or consumer behaviors mentioned in various reports.
JournalismJAccess important figures or quotes from primary sources to support articles and investigative pieces.
Literature ReviewsEffortlessly compile important points and references from multiple academic papers.
And many more use cases...
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